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As your sign lord Jupiter is in 10th place by the start of the year, you will get all benefits. As the Saturn is in the 12th place, unnecessary expense will increase. As the Saturn enters your zodiac by the start of this year, your problem will increase. As the Venus is in 9th place, you may expect some benefits. As Raghu is in 9th place, your business will be in recession. As the Kethu is in 3rd place, unnecessary travel will increase. Raghu Kethu transition of year 2017 will give benefits and problems. The Jupiter transition will give you benefits. Work load of working people will increases. Some will face obstacles in getting married and child birth. When compared with the last year this year (2017) will be tougher. Attention and care are needed.


As the Jupiter is in 10th place, you will get benefit. Business will be good. You will get responsible positions. Jobless people will get good job. There will an improvement in your financial status. You will get good name and fame in the society. As the Jupiter enters 11th place by 12/09/2017, benefit increases. You will get satisfactory life. You will get benefits through your friends. This Jupiter transit will give you benefits.


As the Saturn is in the 12th place, you have unnecessary expenses. As the Saturn enters your zodiac on 26-1-2017, problems will increase. As the Saturn is entering 1st place, attention and care are needed. You will face barriers in all your works. Do not interfere in others matter. Do not give debit/loan to others. Do not give guarantee signature to others. You will get good income equivalent to your hard work. But your expense will be more than your income.

In general second half of this 2016 year will be a good year with benefits.


LUCKY COLOR : Black, White

LUCKY DAY : Saturday, Friday

LUCKY GEMS : Black stone, Diamond


Visit and worship lord Murga. Visit and worship lord Shiva to get benefits

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