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As your sign lord the mars is in good place by the start of this year, you will get all the benefits. You will get profit through house, property vehicle. As the Venus, mars are in good places you will get benefits. As the Saturn is in your zodiac, sometimes you will get some obstacles and problems. As you have Jenma Saturn you will face problems. Problem will gradually get decrease in the year 2017. Unemployed people will get unexpected good job. You will get blocked money. You will get rid of problems and troubles faced so far. Barriers in marriages and child birth will get solved. As the Jupiter is in 11th place, you will get expected benefits. You will get happiness through your friends. You will get benefits through strangers. Your business will be good. Own business, manufacturing people will get benefits. Motifs will get good opportunity and offers. As you are in the last part of 7 ½ Saturn, attention and care are needed. When compared to last year this year 2017 will be beneficial.


As the Jupiter is in 11th place, you will get more benefits. Your business will be good. Working peoples will get good position. Benefits in the business will increase. You will get success in any taken tasks. Your fame will be good. You will get a satisfactory life. Benefits in the business will increase. You will get happiness through your friends. As the Jupiter enters 12th place by 12/09/2017, benefit decreases. You will get losses and expenses. Attention and care are needed. This year of transit of the Jupiter will gives less benefit.


As the Saturn is entering 2nd place on 26-1-2017, problems will decrease. You will get all the blocked income. This is the last 2 ½ years of 7 ½ years Saturn which gives less problems and more benefits. Your business will get rid of recession. You will have auspicious functions in your life. You will get benefits from your brothers and sisters. You will get profit through house, plot, vehicle etc. Working people will have normal growth. Some have chances to get transfer or change in employer/job.

In general this 2016 year is a good year with more benefits.


LUCKY COLOR : Green, Red

LUCKY DAY : Wednesday, Tuesday

LUCKY GEMS : Emerald, Coral


Worship the Jupiter on Thursdays to get benefits. Worship goddess Amman to get expected and unexpected benefits.

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