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As your sign lord the Venus is entering good place, you will get benefits. Unity love and happiness between husband and wife will increase. As the Saturn was in 7th place, you have got normal benefits. As the Saturn entering 8th place, you will have obstacles in any taken tasks. As the Mars is in 10th place, you will get benefits through properties, house and Vehicles. This year transition of the Jupiter will give benefits. The transitions of the Raghu and the Kethu will give normal benefits. Your business will be in recession. Responsibility and attention are needed for working people. Your work load may increase. There will be obstacles and problems in getting married and child birth. There will be growth in financial life when compared with personal life. You will get success only if you act with attention and care.


As the Jupiter is in 5th place, happiness increases. Childless people will be blessed to have a child birth. You will get happiness through your children. In general, personal life will be better than the financial life. Unmarried people will get married. Student’s education will be good. As the Jupiter enters 6th place by 12/09/2017, you will get good income and benefits. You will get success in court cases. Working peoples will get more benefits. This year transit of the Jupiter will increase your benefits and success when compared with the last year.


As the Saturn is in 7th place, you are facing problems. As the Saturn is entering 8th place by 26-1-2017, the problem continues. The next 2 ½ years is the Ashtama Saturn. So, the Saturn will decrease your benefits. As the Saturn is in the 8th place, you will get negative thoughts, problems, troubles, pain, loan/ debts, unnecessary court cases. You will get troubles and problems from your workers/servants. As the Saturn is in Sagittarius zodiac which is the house of the Jupiter, your name, value, respect, fame will get decreased. You will face problems in getting married and giving child birth.

In general this year of 2017 will be normal with fewer benefits.


LUCKY COLOR : Green, black

LUCKY DAY : Wednesday, Saturday

LUCKY GEMS : Emerald, Blue Sapphire


Worship lord Muruga. Visit Thiruchendur Murgar temple to get benefits.

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